Vivian Davis LCSW CACII


Not sure?

Are you having problems at work, home or with personal relationships?

Come to a safe, caring and respectful environment. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Convenient Treatment for the Adams County (Thornton, Westminster, Federal Heights, Arvada), Denver, and Broomfield,
Affordable treatment. Initial diagnostic evaluation is $160.00 $100.00 per 50 minutes
for individual sessions.
I accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, United Health Care, Self pay and Victims Comp

You know you need to do something about "it" but you really aren't convinced that you feel "that bad."
You're not "a crazy person."
Good news, you don't have to be crazy to get support!!
How do you know when it is time?

Gambling making you afraid you will loose your home?
Anxiety or Fears keeping you from living your life?
Can't get out of bed? Don't want to shower or cook?
Arguing with your significant other all the time?

Always suspicious? 
Getting a Divorce?
Anger caused you problems at work or home?
Spending too much $$
Mood swing?
Can't get over the loss of someone dear?
Afraid people will find out you have to count everything before you leave the office?OCD Obsessive Compusive Disorder
Have you been cutting?

Have you been over eating?

Your son or daughter won't get off the computer and they failed school last year.?

You suspect your significant other is spending a lot of time looking at porn or playing game and they can't keep up with their responsibilities?