Vivian Davis LCSW CACII

I have helped people who have struggled with depression, anxiety, panic all of their lives. Life experiences can cause people to react in ways that seem hurtful to others but I believe every person wakes up in the morning trying to do the best they can. Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Panic can take over a person's life. No one wants to yell at the kids, husbands/wives, friends. People use drugs, alcohol, shopping, to manage anxiety or depression or to manage unresolved grief. I have been able to help through caring, skillfull mental health treatment.

I have worked in community mental health for nine years. My special interest is in treating people with abuse/dependency issues. Helping people who have addictions and the people who love them is my specialty. I treat people with mental health problems ranging from depression to bipolar disorders, anxiety and schizophrenia.

  I can help!I