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How Do You Know If You Need Therapy?

Everyone has problems and everyone expects to have problems in their life however they don't expect to be overwhelmed by their problems . As people become adults, they expect that they will be able to come up with answers to their problems . When they can't come up with answers they knott up inside and feel afraid that others will see that they are failing . They starts to wonder, " Am I crazy," or think, " What if everyone finds out I'm a failure?"  Eventually, hopelessness sets in and they feel, "I can't go on like this. "  They may  go to their phone and look up a therapist but start to experience doubts.  "I'm not that crazy."  "What if my husband tries to divorce me and tells people I'm crazy."  They might think, "my wife will use it against me to take the kids. " "What if my mother found out I was going to a therapist."  "She would worry about what my family would say."

"I just don't want to get out of bed." "I'm just going through the motions of life." Or, "I worry about everything." "I'm always expecting a disaster." "I cry at the drop of a hat."  "I want help. I need help. I just don't want anyone to know. Everyone will think I'm weak."

Does everything go like this? There is no scale to measure the feeling of hopelessness. If you feel like your life isn't working, get some help. You could go to your neighbor, your best friend, your hairstylist or a therapist. The problem is that neighbors. and hair stylist aren't trained to help you. A therapist is trained to help you. A therapist helps you sort out through and name the emotions you are feelings help you understand how to address the problem. There's no law which says any emotion is wrong. You don't have to defend any emotion in a court of law. Emotions just the are and need to be addressed. How you behave is a choice. Each behavior has consequences and you get to choose. Yell at somebody and most likely the consequence will be that they yell back or you will get a negative reaction. Go to school and get a degree and the consequence is most likely that you will get a better job. Consequences can be good or bad. Sometimes people get stuck in patterns that cause negative consequences but they don't know how to stop the cycle. These patterns are developed when they are young and they have very few resources. Therapy can help you understand why you make certain choice and how to maker better choices. Therapy can teach you how to focus on your goals rather than feel like you are just sufferings from random events in your life. Find help today!
I obtained my LCSW licensure in Colorado in 2008.

I obtained my LCSW Licensure in 2008,

I obtained my CACII to treat addictions in Colorado in 2006.
I graduated with an MSW from Colorado State University in Ft Collins in 2004 

I graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2002.