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Don't suffer a minute more... I have helped people who have struggled with depression, anxiety, panic all of their lives. Life experiences can cause people to react in ways that seem hurtful to others but I believe every person wakes up in the morning trying to do the best they can. Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Panic can take over a person's life. No one wants to yell at the kids, husbands/wives, friends. People use drugs, alcohol, shopping, to manage anxiety or depression or to manage unresolved grief. I have been able to help through caring, skillfull mental health treatment.

I have worked in community mental health for nine years. My special interest is in treating people with abuse/dependency issues. Helping people who have addictions and the people who love them is my specialty. I treat people with mental health problems ranging from depression to bipolar disorders, anxiety and schizophrenia.
Do you feel like you are disconnected from everyone around you?

Tired of feeling angry and not knowing why?

Feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

Do you feel like you can't take one thing more? You just want to go away/ Do you feel like you want to kill yourself/
After working in nursing homes for a number of years, I also understand that medical issues can affect mental health This is an area that is often missed and can have a profound effect on mental health. Often medical conditions have an effect on mental health.  If you only treat one area then you are missing an important part of your health. MS, thyroid issues, diabetic conditions, are just a few of the medical issues that affect your mental health.  Medication interactions have a profound effect on ones health.  I can work with your PCP to provide the best care possible.

Viviain Davis MSW LCSW CACII            720 975-7371
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